Thank you for joining us for the 4th annual Farm To City Street Dinner

Forna Bova: white pizza with sausage, kale, red onions and Parmesan/Romano cheese
Five onion pizza: mixed onions with scallions and Parmesan/Romano cheese
Flour from Daisy Flour

Leg Up Farmer’s Marktet: Indonesian Hummus Plate with roasted neck pumpkins from Siwik Farms


Browns Orchard: Pulled Pork Calvados with Sunnyside Farm pork and Browns Orchard apples

Seventh & George: Apple & Kale Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mustard Maple Sauce
Chicken from Foxwood Run Farm
Apples from Family Tree Farm
Kale from Horn Farm Center with additional ingredients from Sonnewald and Leg Up Farmers Market

Zanelli’s: Beef from Texas Longhorn Beef Company

Busy Bee: Falafel with chipotle, carrots and cilantro from Dietz Produce

Friends of YorKitchen: Potato Gnocchi with potatoes from Ilyes Produce Stand, Peter’s Produce, eggs from  Kenmar Farms, Onions from Millers Plant Farm, Mushrooms from Brown’s Orchard, Heavy Cream& Butter from Rutters

John Wright: Squash dish with squash from Dietz Produce

Downtown York: tossed salad


Busy Bee: Beehive Honey Cake with honey from Gingrich Apiary

Brown’s Bakery: Pumpkin Sugar Cakes and Iced Apple Bread

Central Family Restaurant: Pumpkin custard


Fizzy Bee: Heirloom Tomato, tomatoes from Dietz Produce

Waterwheel Tea: a sampling of their locally grown teas

Allegro Winery, Logan’s View Winery, Naylor Winery (details to come)

Beer Ace: beer and cider

Loaves and Fishes: hot coffee

Rutters: milk and cream for coffee


Due to the local and seasonal nature of this event, you may see some changes!